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The Consultation

Homeopathy is an holisitic medicine which means that it treats the whole person and not just specific symptoms.  In oder to treat someone holistically its important to gain a full understanding of how their symptoms affect them both physically and emotionally.  Homeopathy treats you as an individual and the way you respond to particular situations will be different to others, your symptoms will also be specific to you.  Its important to know about past health problems, appetite, thirst, sleep etc.  Its also important to know what medication you may be taking.
The first consultation typically takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on the nature of the illness and how chronic or long standing its been.  A further follow-up appointment will be made approximately 4 weeks later and this will last between 35 and 45 minutes.  At this appointment we will explore the changes that have taken place so that we can agree the next steps to take.
Because you are an individual, the length of treatment varies from person to person and depends, to some extent, on how long you have experienced your symptoms ie recent illnesses can improve very quickly while more chronic illness may take longer.
In general I suggest that you give homeopathy 3 months in order to check out how things are moving whilst assessing improvements at every stage of treatment.
All of the above factors are important in choosing the remedy which most closely resembles your current state of health. 
I hope you have found the information contained on this website interesting and helpful and that it may enable you to consider homeopathy as a viable choice in helping you to regain balance in your life.
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