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Self Help Briefing  -  Hayfever
Homeopathic remedies can be of great benefit at this time of year for the relief of hayfever symptoms.  The most useful are Alium Cepa, Arsenicum, Euphrasia and Sabadilla.  It is important to select the remedy that is most applicable to your own particular symptoms and if you are unsure, contact a homeopath for professional advice.
Allium Cepa (Onion) : for burning sensation from the nose and eyes accompanied by a watery discharge (just like chopping an onion).  The eyes are sensitive to light, often red and irritated, while the nose can become red and sore from the burning mucus.  There can be violent sneezing, the voice can be hoarse and there can be a hacking cough.  Often left sided symptoms that can move to the right side.
Aresenicum Album (White Arsenic) : for frequent sneezing and a blocked nose accompanied with a watery discharge, inflamed eyes, relieved by warm bathing.  The right side is generally more affected than the left and symptoms can be worse at night.  Some anxiety may be present.
Euphrasia (Eyebright) : for very watery eyes, swollen eyelids and sometimes even a thick, infected discharge from the eye itself.  The nasal and throat symptoms are less marked but include watery mucus, which is cleared easily.  With Euphrasia the symptoms are worse for sunlight, at night-time, for windy weather and indoors, and better for the cool, open air.
Sabadilla : most often indicated during the ealy spring or at harvest time.  There can be persistent sneezing, clear mucus and an itchy blocked nose.  The eyes can water in the open air, from sunlight or whilst sneezing.
A quick reminder that if you're a hayfever sufferer the best time for treatment is  during the winter months in order to desensitise you in time for the spring and summer and to treat the underlying causes of the condition.  The above, self administered remedies are for First Aid treatment to help treat and ease symptoms when they're at their most acute.    Research in 2003 by doctors in Glasggow showed that homeopathy was definitely effective for hayfever symptoms.  If you'd like to discuss your hayfever symptoms , give me
 a call on : 01943 430546
Hayfever, itching, runny nose, water eyes, pollen sensitivity